You have got here through doing ‘life’. Life events, life stresses, life choices, life, your life is not the same as others.

It’s essential to look back to move forward to get to the root cause and sort our health from there. Without that, we are just ‘band-aiding’; our results will reflect this, being ‘temporary’ at best. Our optimum outcomes will come with getting to the root causes and addressing them in conjunction with events that have impacted us along the way.

Like baking, if you left out a step or an ingredient early, adding extra of anything late only sometimes makes a cake. Sometimes, you must go back to go forward.

For example, your immune system, compromised by several bouts of tonsilitis as a child, was treated extensively with antibiotics. It will be vital to rebuild your intestinal microbiome with a primary ‘weed, seed and feed’ protocol before working on your immune system.

Knowledge and background are critical cornerstones to solving your health puzzle.

What does your timeline look like?

Looking at the timeline of your life story will highlight for you the points at where things went askew and what to address first. It also gives your practitioners the key points they need to treat you effectively … Win-Win.

The key point to include on your timeline

Details of:

  • Birth and pre-birth include mum and dad’s health, stress, occupations and exposures to toxins (e.g. mould, chemicals, sprays, pesticides, alcohol): The pregnancy, birthing complications or assisted birth, breastfed or not.
  • Genetics: predispositions, health and personality traits, dietary beliefs and patterns
  • Culture: Cultural diet, beliefs around food, stress, pain, celebration, religion
  • Stresses: long and shorter term: toxic relationships, bullying, family dynamics/Covid/War/Floods
  • Trauma events: death of a family member or pet/ parents’ divorce/divorce/change of school, house, location or job
  • What changed just ahead of things going haywire: Environmental/lifestyle/diet/illness/vaccination/contraception or other prescriptions/mould/floods/Covid lockdowns/Job change or loss?
  • Childhood illness, accidents, vaccinations: outcomes and treatments
  • Trauma and cultural impacts: Look back four generations (as trauma passes down).
  • Lifestyle choices: Alcohol/drugs, both prescription and recreational use/other lifestyle choices that may not have been the best choice in hindsight; dietary choices.

As we have discovered, your route to your health outcomes differs from your neighbour’s, which means the way back to health will follow another track.

Now that you can see where the path went awry, you can take steps to piece it back together.

Take the road less travelled, your road!