What’s happening to our hormones?

Our bodies change around 30 years or after childbirth. It’s about that time when what we used to get away with seems not to be ok anymore, and our bodies start to speak a little louder.

Our bodies are amazing, and up until a point, they seem to take pretty much whatever we throw at them and will only seem to niggle at any disruption.

This façade used to last until about 30 when life and its stresses and demands caught up.  This seems to be happening earlier for many of us, especially in the last few years.

Women, everywhere it seems, are telling me that they are bloating and putting on weight when there’s been no change to diet. They are experiencing hormonal changes at an early age with more regular periods, pain, and migraines. Some feel like they are perimenopausal by 30 and some say they feel like they are permanently in PMT mode.

To answer this, we need to ask,

  • When did I notice this change?
  • What has happened ahead of these changes to my body?
  • What might I have changed or done differently ahead of this happening?
  • Did I change medications?
  • Did I put anything in my body which may have caused the change?
  • Have I done an honest review of what might be different?
  • Have I changed jobs/house/relationship status?
  • Have I experienced a period of prolonged stress?
  • Has my way of eating or drinking changed?
  • Did I go somewhere that I might have picked up something?
  • What is my mother’s, aunts and sisters’ history of hormone health?

What do you think changed?