What Legacy do you want to leave to your daughters and sons?

There are many subconscious beliefs and ideas that we have inherited from our predecessors.

Some we find valuable, and some are outdated at minimum.

What patterns and beliefs would you like detoxed in this generation?

  • Women should put the family ahead of themselves and keep the family together at any cost to themselves.
  • Housework and children are women’s business.
  • All women should want to have children.
  • Marriage, for better or worse?
  • You made your bed. Now lie in it (you are free to choose …..)
  • Periods are gross.
  • PMT is a thing.
  • You are past it when you hit menopause.
  • Menopause and period issues are normal.
  • Women should cater to their partner’s ‘needs’ no matter what.
  • Women can have careers if they do almost everything else, still.
  • We need a partner to be ‘complete’.
  • Being a family member means others can treat you however they like.
  • Men need only support family in financial and tangible aspects and not necessarily contribute to emotional or physical aspects.
  • Men cannot show emotions.
  • Defined rules about male and female roles ….. let’s do team play.
  • It is not okay to relax and ‘be lazy’ (what a terrible thing to teach our kids)
  • Real Men do …………… Real Men don’t ………..
  • Real Women do ………. Real Women don’t …………..
  • Marriage (de facto) equals consent (yep, it seems for many it’s still there in the subconscious of both sexes)
  • What is selfish? What is self-care?
  • To speak your needs makes you …… Assertive? Needy? HWHM? or simply a human being with basic needs?
  • What else?

We can change this in this generation through the words, actions, and teachings we display to both our sons and daughters and to those we interact with. 

Let’s clear our language and expectations and listen to the words we use and the actions we take.

Are our words and actions in line with our goals?

What subliminal messages are we sending ourselves, our partners, and our children

… Are they healthy??