Using EFT for Trauma and Abuse Recovery

It is just the way it was back then … justifying others’ behaviour

We get what we deserve!!!!??????

How EFT reveals the root of our beliefs and the energy at which we function …. And then zaps that down to memory with no more cellular confidence.

A client shares her story of getting to where she was due to her underlying beliefs of what she deserved through an early lack of strength to stand in her power and stay true to her beliefs.

Through EFT, she gets to clear this belief pattern and move forward with forgiving herself and others and believing that she deserves “awesome”.

“When I was in my late teens, I started dating him, I was not in love, but my parents approved of him, which was a first.

When I look back, there were so many signs that he was a manipulating bully with no respect for women and was not emotionally able to love in the true sense of the word.

Why did I not see it????? The signs were all there!!!! So many signs where I had almost to beg forgiveness and pander to his needs and tantrums.

And so the weekend happened. I can remember every minute detail of that weekend, even where we stayed; it is etched in my memory.

Like so many girls of that era, I was emotionally bullied into having sex, giving up my virginity because that is what I needed to do (according to him). I was nowhere near ready, yet I succumbed to the enormous pressure I felt. Afterwards, I cried for ages. I know now that this was not just about losing my virginity. Through the EFT, I now know that this was the moment etched in time that I gave away my power to someone who now knew they had me where they wanted me and would forever and a day believe that they could “handle me how they pleased”.

And then, a short time after, I fell pregnant. I got what I deserved!!

So, as it was in that era, my parents were told.

And guess what??   The man who forced me to have sex against my will was now the hero !!!

Why??? Because he would marry me even though I was “ruined”!!!!

How much did this mess with my head?

They must be right, they are my parents, and they are saying I am “lucky” that he will still have me. I deserve what I get!!!!

I know, logically, this is ridiculous. However, this was my belief. I had gone against my beliefs and had done the wrong thing, and now “I made my bed, so I should lie in it”.

And this I did, for decades, with continual put-downs and emotional abuse on every level—a long sentence for one crime.

Is it now time to forgive me and end my sentence? I say YES

Through the process of EFT, I now forgive myself and know that I did my best at the time so that I can show myself some compassion. I understand why I was not strong enough then, and I released the belief that I deserved bad things to happen to me.

I have served my sentence and more, and now I am free to attract all that is good and abundant.

Thank you xo.

If you have an ongoing issue that you can’t budge, please contact me and find out how we can work together using EFT to remove the problem.

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