What is my natural body clock?

Why is it important to me?

Everything about your system works according to a schedule based on the cycles of day and night, solar/lunar cycles and seasons of the year.  If we provide the best environment, we give it the optimum chance of creating harmony and rhythm.

Every organ and system within the body has an optimal efficiency time and, alternatively, its “preferred quiet time” (12 hours later); everything from making hormones to bowel emptying has its optimal time zone.

The Chinese have historically used “the Chinese body clock,” demonstrating this.  Looking at this clock and the organs/systems’ efficiency, we can decipher what may be “out” and what we may need to focus on.

The simplest example of this is both bowel and sleep habits.

Bowels should be optimised/cleared between 7-9 am.

If interrupted, sleep demonstrates which organ/system might be compromised; the most straightforward example is “liver time” between 1-3 am.  Waking at this time means that our liver is struggling through inefficiency or excesses, whether chemical/ environmental or emotional (shit on the liver).  Let your body be your guide.

Circadian Rhythm, aka The Body Clock

1 am-3 am: Liver

3 am-5 am: Lungs

5am-7am: Large Intestine

7 am-9 am: Stomach and Bowel activation

9 am-11 am: Spleen

11 am-1 pm: Heart

1 pm-3 pm: Small Intestine

3 pm-5 pm: Bladder

5 pm-7 pm: Kidneys

7 pm-9 pm:  Pericardium (Reproductive Organs/Brain/Circulation)

9 pm-11 pm: Triple Warmer (Thyroid/Adrenals).

11 pm-1 am: Gall Bladder

What is your body clock telling you?