# 1 most talked about problem now amongst 30-plus women.

Why the sudden increase in weight gain in women, especially those who have always been conscious of health and still are.

Weekly, I speak to women depressed about their sudden and rapid weight gain in the last year.  Tears flow as they are at wit’s end as to the effects on their self-esteem when nothing they do is working, and no clothes (even their ‘fat’ clothes) don’t fit. Kilos are mounting monthly with seemingly no change.

Women whom I have known for decades to have maintained a healthy weight range are now saying it seems beyond their control.

Many have been to GPs in a state of upset and either dismissed or placated with a minimum of investigative pathology and never heard from again.

Is it a sudden rush of:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Early Perimenopause  
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Overconsumption
  • A side effect of?
  • A change in environmental impacts

If we look at the first three of these, the symptoms and outcomes can be very similar and overlap. One can be the instigator or the result of one of the others. The only clear way to distinguish is to test the relevant markers and a complete health overview.

Alternatively, we can address all and treat from multiple angles for all known signs and symptoms.  Addressing Thyroid, liver, gut, endocrine, nervous system, and reproductive health.  All of these are relevant in terms of cause and effect. This is how we have practised in Nutritional Medicine for years when Western medicine is not forthcoming with testing.

My gut also tells me something else is at play: an unrecognised impact of recent insults to our health.  The suddenness and severity of the changes in women is something I have not witnessed in the ten-plus prior years of Nutritional Medicine practice.

What is your gut telling you?

Are you ready to take a challenge to identify what your reasons are?

Do you want to help others by sharing your story?