Just as your car and your house need preventative maintenance and a good cleanout now and then to clear the clutter and built up “gunk” so does your body. Even more so depending on what you have put it through up to this point.

Your system and specifically your liver must process or clear everything you smell, inhale, ingest and put on your skin for your whole system to function.

It also must deal with or clear any residual that you came into this world with such as toxin exposure that your parents may have had.

A build-up of toxins or heavy metals will impair all functions within the body, stemming mostly from the liver and its many detoxification pathways in conjunction with your seven elimination organs,  If one of these is showing signs of impairment,  work backwards to liver function and clearance through your bowels and bladder. Are they working effectively? What might they need?

There are 12 basic ways to assist the liver day to day:

  • Adequate good quality water intake
  • Reducing and eliminating exposure to toxins
  • Using natural products for skin, hair, and cleaning
  • Getting fresh air when possible
  • Reducing or eliminating alcohol and other substances
  • Starting the day with warm water and lemon or lime juice to flush the liver and kidneys
  • Reducing caffeinated products
  • Eating a clean unprocessed diet, mostly plant based with variety of proteins.
  • Checking Liver Function yearly with pathology testing to assess status
  • Reducing stress where possible and finding healthier ways to deal with it
  • Adequate sleep and rest (not always possible)
  • Being more conscious of kindness to your liver if you have overindulged.