I offer a variety of consultations to suit all situations whether you want a session to see if we are a good fit, need another opinion on pathology results or want to learn how emotional freedom technique can free your life.  I treat you holistically so all aspects of your lifestyle and health are taken into account throughout your session.

  To book a session call me on 0428 602 996 and we can arrange a suitable time.






For new clients please download and complete the client information form and bring it with you o​n the day of your appointment.  


"The best thing we did was go see Jacinta..  it may seem a lot for the consult but its cheap compared to medication all the time.. she was fantastic helping me adjust.. Offering substitutes and support along the way.. I haven't eaten dairy since October and I haven't seen the doctor since, haven't been sick and have never felt better ever!!!!..." - AR


"Under health cover or not.. It's still worth it.. Have a chat with Jacinta. I used to be sick with the flu, sick in the stomach and headaches every month.. Now I am 4 months and no sickness at all.. I am loving the food I make and love discovering new recipes plus super foods like coconut oil.. I love all the extra energy I have too!! Jacinta is the best!" …. PL


"In the last few months, I have had several EFT Tapping sessions with Jacinta. I have tried several different methods and treatments to help me to deal with anxiety and the long-term trauma of stressful relationships with various members of my family.  As a natural therapist, I made a personal choice not to take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety prescription medication to deal these issues. I sought out Jacinta, since she is a qualified EBT Tapping Practitioner, and have found my tapping sessions with her to be remarkably effective.

I am no longer stressed when I talk to my family members – and I am no longer being rail-roaded or bullied into doing things I don’t want to do. I have also found that the recurring emotions and feelings I used to have when I in contact with my family aren’t being triggered. And when I think back to the various stressful events shared with family, the emotional charge around those events has been greatly reduced.  

These outcomes have been beyond my expectations and I am so grateful to Jacinta for helping me through my EFT Tapping sessions. Yes, we had some tearful sessions where I felt uncomfortable emotions as I re-lived past experiences, but I no longer feel the strong and painful emotional connections that I used to feel. So thank you Jacinta; I highly recommend your EFT Tapping sessions to anyone and everyone!" - J.D.