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Pilates Konnected – Paradise Point – Review by Jacinta Callaghan – Womens Nutritional Doctor

If you are considering trying Pilates, then Pilates Konnected at Paradise Point is the best place to start and learn reformer Pilates on the Gold Coast.

So many positives to talk about – first of all is the ease of location and available.  Located in the best part of Paradise Point, with easy parking and access and class times tailored to your availability. The studio is stylish and immaculate with reformer machines placed for ease of use and access. Kristina, also owns and operates an equally awesome studio at Paradise Waters.

Kristina at Pilates Konnected shows attention to detail, not just in the presentation or her studios but most importantly to how she teaches Pilates, ensuring that the clients get the best outcomes.


At the first visit she explains how it works then she will lead you through a private introductory session to familiarise you with the basics of Pilates and the importance of using correct posture and position. This is then backed up at every session where she will ensure that you are doing the moves in the most effective and safe way and to get the best outcomes.

I have had the pleasure and advantage of being able to attend her classes both personal and private for about 18 months now and the changes to posture and body shape have been notable and noticed by others. I am really happy with the positive changes I have been able to achieve with her help.

Kristina is always warm and welcoming and there is not a session that passes that we don’t have a smile and laugh.  The group classes are a time also of sharing and helping each of us to master an exercise or move.

Pilates has become part of my health routine and this studio and Kristina have made it something to look forward to.  Some days I may struggle to get up, but I always feel great after.






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