They can catch you off guard, and they can be anywhere. Even when you think you are healed and no longer in the space of attracting them, the universe sends you a test to show that more work is needed.

Always listen and watch people’s behaviours … they will ‘show and tell’ you who they are.

How did this happen?

I thought I could spot them a mile off.

How a sense of believing that you needed to take this job can land you in a heap of confusion and lack of self-esteem in a heartbeat.

While I am not suggesting we should suspect everyone, sometimes our mindset overrides our ability to see the forest for the trees.

In recent times, after a relocation, I decided that I needed to re-establish my career and set about looking for work. I was pleased that an “opportunity” quickly dropped in my lap.

From day one, my confidence unexpectedly took a nose dive, and I couldn’t figure out why. There was a lot going on with the move and all, so I assumed it must be part of that. I felt like I was justifying and defending myself and going to work anxious and had this odd feeling that at any time I would be accused of “something”… In hindsight, this in itself should have been a sign.

I was promised things that were not delivered. I was given work that was way below my level of knowledge and skill (to the point that I stuffed it up because it was just not work I do). On one of these occasions, I was effectively called to the principal’s office for a wrap over my knuckles … I felt like I was back in school. It seemed like I was continually being told by implication that I didn’t measure up to expectations. When I had great outcomes, the credit did not come my way but hers (yes, this was a her, which is one reason I may not have picked up early). I was given an office that was more like a cupboard and in no way a professional’s office space. I kept on changing myself to try to be up to her standard ….. In my 50%, I sold myself short, and I didn’t listen to my intuition.

I could not put my finger on it. The premises and the business just did not feel right. Everyone in the business seemed to be always ill.

3 things to learn here:

  • Don’t sell yourself short … you will end up shorter
  • If it feels wrong, it is … If it sounds like a duck and quacks like a duck.
  • Listen and watch!