Foreplay!!! … Boys and girls, it’s a 24-hour thing! (at least)

Is Sex enjoyable for you?

Did you know that nearly 40% of women don’t orgasm?

Is it them …. Probably not!!

It is time to talk about not just consent but also the adult conversations around the whole subject.

While it may not be as big an issue outside the live-in relationship, once real life comes into play, housework, kids, finances, support, and lack thereof…… it all gets a bit real.

As this generation of women, let us help our friends, sisters, children, and grandchildren understand the importance of the ‘adult conversation’ early and know that it is not just okay but necessary for healthy relationships and life.

For the record boys, doing your share is Sexy.

What is not is struggling daily to get through and play the charade game of ‘everything is ok’ despite a lack of team play and support by partners, keeping up a brave face. Overwhelm is not a ‘turn on’.

And …

Doing it to move on and keep the mood in the house, okay, girls, is not going to work. … Not today, not tomorrow and for sure not long term.

A good friend once said, ‘Start as you mean to continue’.

If you are:

  • Not well
  • Exhausted
  • Just had a baby in the last ………. With or without complications
  • Not getting emotional support
  • Not in a relationship where both pull their weight.
  • Not feeling loved or valued
  • Etc

Speak to your partner, relay your physical, relationship and emotional state and maintain your boundaries around your expectations.

Have adult conversations with your partners and listen to each other’s needs and expectations.

Have adult conversations with those around you to let them know it is not just okay but vital!