The Missing Link to Excellent Health!

Addressing underlying or glaringly obvious emotional insults or traumas is vital to optimum health.

It is not just today’s stress or this week, the effects of stress compound, and you can carry the results of a lifetime within your body’s cells, holding on to them in the form of weight or ill health of an organ or an entire system.

It is very common for people to describe anxiety or stress as a knot in their chest or stomach. This is very descriptive of where it is caught at that moment. 

In that moment or space, the body enters flight or fight.

This means that all non-necessary body functions are suppressed or shut down for a period to enable ‘high alert or run for your life’.  This includes digestive and elimination processes, liver function and such.  Also affected are the hypothalamus, pituitary-adrenal pathways (HPA axis) and corresponding thyroid function.

Any of these functions are compromised over an extended period of stress, depending on where you hold it, the duration, and the stress level.

Over the years I have been in clinical practice, it has become clear that while diet and nutrient status are vital components of health, the overriding factor is emotional health. Without addressing this aspect, any success, it seems, is short-lived. This was a massive learning for my client’s health and mine.

A clear example of this was a particular client from many years back that had suffered long-term abuse as a child combined with long-term health problems requiring regular hospitalisation. Though she had seen many clinicians before, it was not until we ventured down the emotional route that the childhood abuse was uncovered, and we found her help to address this as a priority.

Childhood bullying or abuse has often been uncovered when we have delved into clients’ health histories.  Sadly, this also seems to lead to a lifetime of the same if not exposed and addressed, as was the case with the client above.

Regarding this, we talk about the trauma bond, which is held in the brain and links love and trauma, meaning the victim will only seem to recognise the two as an intrinsic pairing and why some will stay in abusive relationships. Others seemingly go from one to the next.  In clinical practice, this often presents with Thyroid, Kidney, Auto Immune, Hormonal, or digestive function disorders, if not a combination of a few.

If you find yourself wondering what is going on that you don’t feel well or that you seem to struggle to regain health despite seemingly doing all the right things, please consider looking back and having an honest conversation with yourself to uncover what emotional wounds you may be holding onto and then seek assistance to work through and clear that old junk in your trunk and detox that old emotional baggage that is clogging up the flow of health.

How much is your emotional baggage keeping you ‘stuck’?