An ancient Ayurvedic practice, ‘Oil Pulling‘ is a historically tried and tested method for aiding detoxification of the oral cavity through swishing ‘oil’. The oil aids in the removal of bacteria and toxins from the mucous membranes in the mouth while also providing lubrication and antibacterial properties depending on the oil used.

Don’t believe us, try it …

Why? … Gentle and Effective Simple Daily Detox

It aids in both dental and oral health. The mucous membranes throughout the body are one of the quickest exits or entry points for nutrients and toxins.

Consider this:  The Western way of gargling is often through a chemical mouthwash – is this removing or adding toxins?

Feedback from clients and family

Cherie and I have used this method for a long time and have experienced the benefits. Our dentists have also noted our excellent oral health.

One notable success story with this method: A 20-ish relative called from an island with limited medical services. He had some oral infection that had caused his face to swell ‘like the elephant man’. Given that there were not likely organic oil supplies on the island, we resorted to olive oil. Several hours later, he called: ‘It’s magic’, the swelling had gone down, and he no longer had to exit his holiday for medical assistance.

Another client was told they needed a ‘root canal’ and could not afford it. I suggested he try this in the interim while he worked out what he needed to do. No root canal to this day.

Clients have reported feeling that their teeth seem whiter, which correlates with anecdotal evidence from other sources.


First up in the morning (or at least before food or drink)

Using about a tablespoon of oil (traditionally organic sesame, however, this also works with coconut oil or even olive oil)

Gargle for 20 minutes before spitting out in the trash or on the grass, and clean your teeth as usual with quality water.

(You can start with less time if you cannot manage 20 minutes)

Please have a play with it …

Suppose you have had problems or a ‘bad report card’ from the dentist. Try this daily for at least a few weeks and monitor the results yourself.

Affordable preventative health care is often in your garden or your pantry!