How to release limiting beliefs from childhood through EFT.

So many old beliefs are able to surface through tapping, and it is still blowing my mind.  So many long-held “truths” that have fed into the course of my life and the struggles I have had.

In the mindset that I will learn more about what unconscious beliefs have held me back or steered my life in directions or towards people or things that have been toxic, I have been tapping my little heart out every day since the course. Also called the Peace Procedure, we are encouraged to look at things, people and events that, notwithstanding what came after, we would rather have never happened. This would especially include any traumatic events. These then become our guide to our tapping.

And so it came to be that I started tapping on “the fire”, an event from my youngest years that you would think would have been traumatic … except that I could not remember it. I could remember what came after but not what led up to it.

Ok, so for some decades, since the age of 3, I have believed that I had played with matches and had tried to set the family house on fire (though from memory it was just a cupboard, then I was 3).  To cut a long story short, I would have to have been one pretty clever and adventurous three year old to have gained access to matches, being able to strike the match and successfully light something that would burn ?????

So, did I do it, or did I not? And does it matter?

Does a 3-year-old know if they were responsible if they were told they were, and could they defend themselves?

What impact did this event have on my life and my subconscious from that point?

  1. I am trouble; I am always trouble.
  2. I am always doing the wrong thing and causing chaos.
  3. I am going to get blamed even if I am not doing the wrong thing
  4. I am going to get blamed even if I didn’t do it, and people will not believe me.
  5. Some people lie and blame others, and people believe them.
  6. No-ones going to believe me
  7. I need to be ready to defend myself because people are going to blame me.


Tap Tap Tap Tap Tapping ………….

  1. I am not trouble (though it could have been more fun)
  2. I always do my best
  3. I may get blamed, but I do not accept it
  4. Narcissists will lie, and people will believe them, but that is their problem.
  5. I no longer need to be on high alert waiting for the next time I get blamed.
  6. The people that matter will listen and know who I am and what I stand for
  7. I can relax. I am safe.

So glad I cleared that toxic minefield !