‘Holding on to anger is like holding onto a piece of hot coal, waiting to throw it at the person who hurt you. The only person that gets burnt is you.

The importance of start and end day routines to have a better mindset and headspace

Do you take home to work and work to home?

Are you holding onto some grievances with a sense of righteousness …. Is it worthwhile?

Are you letting all the everyday stresses compound and add to the pile of stress held in your body?

There once was a quote, ‘Holding on to anger is like holding onto a piece of hot coal, waiting to throw it at the person who hurt you. The only person that gets burnt is you.

As a generalisation (I know), women tend to suppress their feelings and anger until the volcano erupts. Conversely, men tend to do the proverbial ‘dump and run’ where they show their anger, we take it on, and they feel better. Ouch! It doesn’t work for us.

This is one of the genetic programming behaviours that we will address over time. We will raise them and discuss whether it’s a behaviour or belief that serves us well in this time and space.

Resentment is not a healthy relationship mindset!

Are you still holding onto that time he did/didn’t ‘…….’. 

Do you need to shake at least some of that off to move forward and manage life and your relationships?

We can clear the old and new anger in many ways, and we will cover those in time.

For today let us deal with today!

In the morning …. Remember whatever you do first sets the mood for the day.

Instead of scrolling Facebook or reading emails that could be positive or negative, consider taking a shower or reading something positive or planning the special thing (big or small) you will do for yourself today. If mornings are a rush, try setting your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier so that you can have a calming shower or cuppa outside.

On the drive to work or after dropping the kids off, wind the window down and throw out any negativity. (or you can flush them down the loo at home).

If you work from home, still ensure there is some ritual of leaving home and getting to work.

Ensure you have some ritual between work and home.

Do the same routine even if you are working from home, in the afternoon or after work. Throw Jack from the office out the window or down the loo as you leave so you don’t take his stuff home. Close the door of your office and lock that stuff in there. Go for a walk or shower when you get home; get out of that work gear (even if you work from home).

In the evening, have a pre-bed routine where you cut the ties with any residual negatives of the day, be it a shower or a grounding walk outside on the grass. Do your style of gratitude for anything big or small that day and set an intention for a peaceful night’s sleep and a new day tomorrow. Hand your problems to the universal power to deal with them for the night.

Many people are struggling with relationship problems at home or work or both, so it’s not easy to keep this state of mind; none of us are Pollyanna.

‘Leave yesterday’s troubles behind and deal with tomorrow as though tomorrow never comes’.