Do you need a guest speaker for your Group, Event or Professional Development Day

Would you like to hear how your group can obtain optimum health?  Health, wellbeing, morale and productivity come hand in hand. Get your group focused on people feeling better and healthier and in turn they will be more productive and more motivated.

We have all witnessed 60 yr olds that look 70+ and some 70+ that look 60 .. a lot of that is about choice…. Have you ever wondered why? If you thought it was out of your control I can and will demonstrate that it is largely within your control…

With an extensive background in health and a light fun and upbeat way of presenting health topics, we can work together for a better more productive workplace or simply a healthier group.

Specialised topics include :

  • Managing Menopause and Women's Health
  • Getting your bounce back
  • MOjo! wheres my MOjo gone?
  • Autism: How to get the best outcome for my child … Lifeskills and Health
  • Cancer; Optimum outcomes when the C word is used
  • Changing my life through choice

To discuss your event requirements please complete the form below and I will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively you can phone me direct on 0428 602 996.