Can EFT increase wealth & abundance?

Why do the rich get richer ……  and no matter how much you try you are still on struggle street or just chugging along doing ok but not great?

Could it be that on some level you believe that this is all that is meant for you?

What are the sayings and beliefs that you have about money and abundance in general?

What phrases did you hear as a child?

How did your family view people with money? Was is us and them?

What was your family’s experiences and mindsets around money?  Did it cause arguments? Resentment? Jealousies?

Did your mother, grandmother, great grandmother squash her passions and desires because of the traditional “the woman’s role is to care for everyone ahead of herself” and put her ambitions aside. Was it a case of “the woman’s role is in the home” not persuing her career?

Could all this be still blocking you … could you subconsciously believe all this?

What if you could tap those annoying blocks and beliefs away?

What if anything was possible and you truly believed on every level?

If you feel like you have put in all your efforts and tried as hard as possible and feel that others are “just lucky/arsey” .

It’s time to write down all your positive and negative memories and sayings about money and tap those suckers away with EFT.

Not sure how to get started with EFT?  Contact me now about booking a session to get you on your way to a happy, abundant and wealthy life!

P.S. Did you see the session on EFT on the SBS program Medicine or Myth? Here’s an interview with renowned brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo, where he talks about his experience on the show with EFT.