EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

There is spring cleaning and then there is “life cleaning” and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful life cleaner.

Have you ever wondered what is stopping you from what you logically know you can achieve and yet as hard as you try “some unconscious invisible block” seems to be holding you where you are, in the patterns that have played out through your life?

Well, I may be alone (don’t think so though) but as hard as I tried and as much as I knew I was capable, some goals have taken longer and some have escaped me entirely.  At the same time patterns that I have worked seemingly on every level to shed, have come to remind me the lessons are still to be learnt.

There have been many practices that have worked on many levels and I am grateful that I have come a long way through them ….. then last weekend happened!!

Firstly, a bit of background …… some time back I knew I needed to make a big change and though I knew I was stuck in a destructive place, I could not for the life of me get out, nor could I work out why it was that I couldn’t, and it was driving me a little (lots) nuts.

And then … with a nudge from a friend, I took the step to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with the help of a qualified EFT practitioner.   Yes, I was sceptical, but by this time I feared that I would never escape and would be forever trapped in this destructive place.  Needless to say, within a short time of taking this path, my life changed ….. I emerged and survived better than I thought possible.

Fast forward a few years and lots more changes, I realised that there was still some big shifts that needed to be made to my mindset that I was not able to shift myself.

And then …. In dropped someone to tell me that an EFT training opportunity was coming up and I would, if I chose, get the opportunity to train and become an EFT practitioner and within that training also work on some of my own underlying beliefs and trauma outcomes.

The weekend of the 24-27 February 2018, I believe, will prove in many ways to be a big turning point.

While I am not giving any of my ikky background stuff away.  It is evident through lots of tears and delving into old stuff over the weekend, the layers of the onion were pulled away and the roots of the subconscious beliefs were nuked and their impacts on the choices and outcomes of my life changed.

Why do I believe this to be true?

Memories that once caused me stress, grief, pain or physical discomfort no longer do.

During a tapping session on past trauma, I ended up dry reaching.

Several people whom did not know I went have told me that I look

  • different
  • more relaxed
  • younger
  • less uptight (ouch!)

Things that would normally upset me, have not.

My Pilates instructor commented that my shoulders were significantly lowered and not around my ears and that my ability to achieve some of the exercises was noticeably improved from the week before.

This is exciting!

Not just for me in my own life, but now I have the tools to help others get rid of that which holds them in the patterns and stress of their life.

Doing the happy dance !!!!!!!!

If you would like to see how EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique can help you to break through some lifelong patterns then please contact me as soon as possible. In person sessions available on the Gold Coast. The sooner you start the sooner your life becomes easier and freedom once again is yours.

P.S. Did you see the session on EFT on the SBS program Medicine or Myth? Here’s an interview with renowned brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo, where he talks about his experience on the show with EFT.