Easy as-needed strategies for every day!

You can easily manage stress from the convenience of your own home with practical and accessible techniques.

Discover uncomplicated emotional clearing and grounding methods that aid in reducing cortisol and enhancing the well-being of your vagus nerve.

One of the most effective ways to manage the negative impact of stress on our health is by taking an extended vacation at the beach. However, this is not always feasible or realistic for many individuals who must deal with the demands of everyday life.

As an alternative, let’s explore some practical techniques we can implement at home to minimise the effects of emotional stress. By taking a proactive approach and relying less on external resources, we can prioritise self-care and self-regulation.

These are the techniques I regularly practice:

  • Journalling differently
  • Grounding
  • EFT-Tapping
  • Ho’ponopono technique
  • Out the window
  • Nightly handover to Source or God


Now I know some of you are going blah blah, tried that didn’t work! So let us look at it differently to the nice type of everyday journal.

What I find works is:

Only on days, I am upset or annoyed etc. I find my day to a page diary, write on the top ‘What is going on!’ or similar and then write without overthinking, getting all that anger or frustration down on the page, clearing it from my head until I get to the point of;

  • ‘Is this true’?
  • what aspect annoys me most?
  • what part did I play in this?
  • how could I view this differently?
  • how could I do this differently next time?
  • what can I do now to change my mindset (refer to techniques above) or book a therapy?

(Also consider: Is there some significance to this date (anniversary of an emotional event))


Daily practice is crucial after journalling, even if no other method is required. This keeps us in touch with the earth’s healing vibration and lets us wipe or clean off what no longer serves us.  A good intentional shower, swim, or simply a daily barefoot walk on the grass or the beach.

EFT- Tapping

This a fantastic practice for reducing cortisol levels! So much so that they used it in schools in the US to help children after shootings with excellent results. We will do a separate post on this topic and a video. This is a superb technique before having a tough adult conversation with anyone, as it brings you down to the point of logic and not emotion to enable a much better conversation. My partner learnt quickly that if he sees me tapping, it is in his interest to ‘not make eye contact and walk away quickly”, knowing that if it involves him, it is in his best interest. (his words)

Ho’ponopono technique

We use this to clear attachments to people and events that no longer serve and have been sitting in our energy short or long-term.  Please look at this; we will post our version shortly to simplify and tailor it for women with hectic schedules.

Out-the-window technique

I’m not sure how this came about. However, it is a favourite due to its simplicity and timeliness.

  • On the way to or from the place or person of frustration
  • Find a bridge or crossing to drive across.
  • Wind down the window and throw the energy of the person or event out for the rest of the day. You don’t need to hold on to it; your day will not get spoilt by someone or something that does not deserve your energy in the first place.

Nightly handover to your God or Source

Rather than take your problems to bed with you, silently speak about your issues and what outcome you might like before you go to sleep. Then say that you are tired from dealing with it for the day and would like good restful sleep, so you would like to hand it over to your God for the day to help it resolve in the best way for all, and you will pick it up tomorrow if you still feel the need.


Lastly, as your backup, Echinacea is a great herb not just for your immune system but also for offsetting the detrimental effects of excess cortisol.  Use it as needed for all-around health.

Please try any or all of these techniques, and be sure to ask any questions.

Aim for calm and carry on!