DNA testing …. Why would you? Which one? Am I just sharing data to companies? What’s involved? What’s in it for me?

Ok, so going back a few years I would say that I was anti-DNA testing (given the testing available and the lack of helpful information that patients would get).  I believe we have a duty of responsibility to get testing done only when the information that will come back is going to help us treat the patient more effectively and gain better tangible results.  Also, in some cases finding you are genetically prone to a disease can be like pointing the bone in Aboriginal culture.

So, ancestry … not that helpful and can be quite a negative experience for some it seems where they find out that dad is not dad or siblings are not siblings …. Well they do say that 1 in 4 of us, our father is not.   Also, some of the ancestry are just really collating information to on-sell.

Why is it different now?

What will you get out of it?

What we are using now is DNA testing to get a wellbeing profile and a glimpse into your likely biochemistry and why your body works/doesn’t work like the next person.  What your body most likely likes and doesn’t like, what it can process and covert, what systems are likely affected.

How many SNP’s (Gene variations) are tested?

We test on 60 genetic variants, to offer extensive insight into methylation, detoxification, endocrinology, neurotransmission, oxidative stress and nutrient metabolism.

Why this is helpful?

  • You will gain an understanding why your body reacts differently
  • You can avoid what it does not like
  • You can assist the pathways that don’t work efficiently
  • You can achieve your best health outcomes by us tailoring your treatment even more specifically.
  • You can make lifestyle changes for better outcomes
  • Allow an understanding around your hormones, fertility, inflammation, detoxification, cognition etc

DNA testing …. Gain your best health outcomes !