It comes in many forms, … some we suspect, some we don’t. When we arrive at the place where we realise we have been deceived, from a trust level, a love level, a friendship level, or a soul level, we can find ourselves surrounded by those that don’t have our best interests at heart. This can be isolating, confronting and immobilising.

The most destructive is when you exist within a relationship where manipulation, lies and deceit are at the forefront. That destroys your self-worth and self-esteem. Years of this behaviour, especially from a passive-aggressive nature, may have you questioning all that makes sense to you, your being. If your mind incessantly moves within constant chatter. If you are constantly anxious –  This is NOT healthy or loving oneself.

Others may say, “She is intelligent, pro-active, independent, savvy and outwardly successful – but grant this –  The most confident, independent, successful woman can be broken by passive, aggressive, deceptive, manipulative, self-esteem lowering behaviour.

Words are weapons, and for some people – the intention is to hurt, always, and yes, it may be that they don’t like themselves very much within. You can find it within yourself to forgive and have compassion for them. But to do this for yourself first, to armour yourself, to believe in yourself. To become non-reactionary and empower yourself to know within your soul and being, you deserve love, partners, and friends that are not deceptive or manipulative to serve themselves only.

Process your productive thoughts and act upon those with gentleness, to serve and acknowledge your needs and wants.