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Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for Weight Loss

No matter what I do, I cannot lose weight?

I have tried everything including emotional punishment to shed it (oops, maybe that is part of the problem)

Is there some reason other then the “logical/scientific” why it won’t damn well move?

Carrying the weight of your emotions? Maybe other peoples as well ? Do you take on too much of other people’s “stuff”

Do you need to release the emotional baggage for your body to release the weight?

How frustrating has it been to help solve other people’s health issues whether than be chronic illness, weight or emotionally related conditions and I mostly work with complex, complicated health conditions …… only not to be able to solve your own, even with outside help.

How frustrating as someone who walks the talk, to be looking like maybe they don’t … I would be the first to admit that I have been critical of practitioners in the past that don’t “appear” like they walk the talk  … and here I have found myself.

As many would know, I have been through a few years of intense stress, so during the worst of it I started to gain weight and though the period went for longer than I believed it would, I convinced myself to be kind to myself and that the weight would fall off when the battle was over … yet it has not and I found that it has been frustrating the hell out of me….. and it was embarrassment central in my head.

What now?  Is there anything else I can try?

So, as you know, I went and did training in EFT, a proven technique for losing weight.  At first though, it was all based on reducing cravings (I don’t have any) or cutting out a food that is not good for you, like chocolate or the like (ok,  nothing there either) or tapping on something healthy you should eat more of ( yep, I’ve got nothing) and no, I am not perfect but my diet is clean and 90% according to what I teach … I do advocate the 90:10 rule so really it is in line with that.

So, I tapped on the WHAT THE!!!!????

And here is what I found trapped in those love handles … well it wasn’t love.  It was a lot of holding on to old “stuff”, mine and other peoples, a few buckets of self sabotage, a large dose of wanting to blend in and not stand out and a fair dose of self abuse in the form of self talk.

So, going to tap the hell out of those suckers and move on to the healthiest version of me whatever form it takes and learn to love this girl.  She, as my mum and dad so aptly put it,  “has been to hell and back and come out stronger” ….. She is overdue for love in abundance xo

Want to find out how you can tap away your long held beliefs? Book a tapping session and discover this amazing technique for yourself as I guide you through the process.

Fatigue…it’s making me tired just thinking about it

As you are no doubt aware, fatigue means that you cannot function as you feel you should.  It can also contribute to many other symptoms and conditions that may not be so obvious such as depression, headaches, joint pain, kidney, liver and skin issues.

The reasons that people suffer from fatigue are as many and varied as the individuals themselves and therefore each instance needs to be treated differently. The basis of fatigue may be related to stress, poor liver function, insulin resistance, allergies, inflammation, imbalance of the microbiome or other metabolic abnormalities to name but a few or ‘simply’  just a lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep in itself can also be caused by a number of factors and has far reaching health implications particularly if it is long term.

So, what is making you tired?

  • Do you have digestive problems? Do you get more tired after eating?
  • Are you getting enough … food & specific nutrients for energy?
  • Do you sleep properly? Do you wake tired?  Do you have trouble getting to sleep?  Do you wake up during the night?  How long has this been going on?
  • Are you feeling stressed or anxious?
  • Do you have other health issues? Hormonal problems?  Weight gain or loss?
  • Are you bloated often?
  • Do you suffer from a mid afternoon slump?

What can you do about it?

  • Keep a food diary and see if there is any correlation between certain foods and your symptoms.
    Are you eating high GI foods and at what time of the day?
  • Keep a sleep diary and note other factors in your life (including mood and food) at each instance of inadequate sleep
  • Take steps to reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep patterns.
  • AND/OR … Visit your nutritionist so that they can evaluate your health and help you on your way to your optimum energy and health.