As the leading Nutritional Doctor in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region my passion is to help others to realise what it feels like to be in optimum health and not having to feel sick or stressed anymore. My special interest is in Women's Health including mid-life menopause changes for women and our needs as we get older. 

In conjunction with treating individual clients and in line with my philosophy of educating for better health, I am also a key speaker on many health topics within the region as well as a Lecturer and Mentor to students and other heath professionals.

Writing my health blog keeps patients and others up to date on recent health topics and helps the lay person understand the background and underlying causes for their conditions. My ebook on eating “Gluten and Dairy free” titled “When No Means Yes” is a valuable resource for those newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

I began supporting patients in 2009 after completing my studies in Nutritional Medicine. My awareness of how nutrition can and will support you back to health when symptoms and clinical results are combined to make an educated diagnosis is what drives me to make a difference in the lives of others.


Nutritional Medicine is not just about treating ill health. It helps clients to gain and maintain optimum health by understanding the origins, prevention and treatment of complex chronic diseases. I believe that health should be treated as a positive vitality and not just the absence of disease.

Recently, I was asked "Hi Jacinta. A friend wants to know what a consultation with you involves, and how a nutritionist differs from a dietician. You can explain it better than me."

I know that the majority of people may think that dieticians and nutritionists are the same and they are not (I have dieticians as clients), however I find that most clients after their appointment go WOW, that is amazing, I got so much out of this , this is life changing etc ... and I had no idea that you would sort out my health and work out the underlying issues that no-one else has, I just thought you were going to make changes to my diet to make me eat better etc etc .. a lady recently said “my husband has been hassling me to come see you for ages and I thought,  what’s the point I already know how to eat healthy, what is she going to do and holy hell this life changing, I feel better just after having spoken to you, I now have hope and I am bloody excited.

I believe that this puzzle graphic more clearly defines what it is that I do. So let’s put that into words.


Before you come for your first appointment, I would ask you to obtain copies of any pathology you have had in the last 18 months.  Now I know that you may have been told that these were “normal” or “in range”. However, as we examine them more closely we discover a lot more about how “your” system is functioning biochemically (or not functioning as the case may be). By the time you come for your appointment I will have done this review and will have a picture of the biochemical aspects affecting your health (the amount of information will directly correlate with the range of testing that has been done).

Also, before you come in it is of benefit that you have had time to sit and draw a time line of your life and all the notable events, illnesses, accidents, stresses and emotional upheavals that have played a role in your life as these have all impacted on your current state of health in one way or another.  Each person will have a different life story and there are many variants in the path of each client that I see even if they come in with the same condition.

During your first appointment we will discuss your health and history of events.  We will also discover how genetics play a role, your position in the family, environmental, lifestyle and dietary factors along the way.  There will also be some clinical observations done, some iridology as naturopathic analysis. Most importantly, we will look at you and your health as a unique case, we will address your current symptoms and health and more importantly we will not “band-aid” the problems and cover the symptoms with temporary solutions that can cause other symptoms as many drugs will do. We will dig into the underlying reasons why this is happening for you and work on the underlying problems so that they do not create havoc elsewhere and so that the work we do on the current problems is able to have a long term effect.

The aim is to establish a plan and strategy for short and long term optimum health. It will incorporate correcting deficiencies and excesses through use of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, changes to diet and lifestyle that can be incorporated into fit your individual needs and capabilities long term.

I look forward to helping you to regain your optimum health. 

Jacinta Callaghan

Women's Nutritional Doctor - Paradise Point, Gold Coast

Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional Medicine),

Lecturer … Nutritional Medicine, Australasian College of Natural Therapies (Brisbane)

Registered Practitioner MINDD Foundation


"Jacinta is wonderful to work with. Practical and helpful, i really have no hesitation in recommended her for advice on getting your health back on track." - Karen Murray