Has your child been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Are you looking for answers, support and a practitioner that will work with you for the best outcome for your child? 

If so, you're in the right place!

As a leading Nutritionist in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region, Lecturer in Nutrition and an Emotional Health Practitioner, my speciality is helping children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum to live a fulfilling life and to reach their best through achieving and maintaining optimum health.

I focus on the nutritional, structural and emotional health to ensure your child is being treated holistically and my aim, at all times, is to treat your child as an individual and to work closely with you to provide the highest level of care possible.

My clinic is located on the Gold Coast, however I also offer appointments in Brisbane and via phone/Skype.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Jacinta Callaghan

B.HSc.(Nutritional Medicine)

Certified EFT Practitioner

How does nutritional medicine work?

Before treating your child I investigate the underlying:

Biochemistry of your child's individual system

Genomics: Your child's individual DNA


Your child's Micro-biome

Your child's health history

Your child's life and emotional history

Your child's current health and stress levels

Your child's current condition

I establish which underlying aspects need to be addressed and in which order to ensure we are treating every aspect of your child's health.

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Is nutritional medicine just a diet?