Has your past been impacted by, or are you currently experiencing, any of the following:

  • Emotionally or physically abusive partner, parent or other relative
  • Living with a narcissistic partner or relative
  • Chronic or Severe Illness
  • Your Child having a disability or chronic illness 
  • Sexual Abuse

With support you can move beyond your current situation!

The level of emotional abuse occurring on a daily basis in the lives of many is reaching an all time high.  While there may be much publicity surrounding the abuse of women both physically and emotionally, we know that the hidden dirty secrets of both men and women experiencing this, is still often very much behind closed doors.

There are many women and men, not even aware that there is something wrong, they just know “it doesn’t feel right” and are still trying to work out what they are doing wrong.

Jacinta provides support and counselling through 1:1 private sessions or her group workshopsto victims of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and abuse, and understands how crippling an effect it can have on all aspects of personal and professional development, happiness and health.

Having greater clarity on my values also enabled me to put past experiences into perspective and reduce the victim mentality

In a nutshell after doing the course with you I found myself. That looks like self acceptance. I became comfortable in my skin and who I am and knowing that my values are my values and that's ok. Knowing this and experiencing this empowered me to make different decisions, speak my truth (respectfully) and not feel the need to apologise and be less than. Knowing my values also empowers me to ensure that I am living these on a daily basis and I can see that when I don't the outcomes are less than optimal. Having greater clarity on my values also enabled me to put past experiences into perspective and reduce the victim mentality that I had towards some of my past experiences.

I would encourage anyone looking to find themselves, I highly recommend the completion of this course. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and assisting me on my journey, my growth has been invaluable and my children also benefit from me loving and accepting my whole self. CL x

Together we can create your personalised strategy to achieve emotional freedom and regain your health and well-being.


Jacinta Callaghan

B.HSc.(Nutritional Medicine)

Certified EFT Practitioner

For over a decade, Jacinta has been working as a Nutritional Medicine and EFT Practitioner, treating women with health conditions which on further investigation were more likely associated with daily emotional stress than dietary imbalances.  These women were in toxic relationships with family, friends, partners, employers or work colleagues and quite often a combination of a few.

As a Nutritionist, EFT Practitioner and Lecturer, clients and students, particularly women, told of their daily battle to deal with the stress of living or working in this environment and unable to see solutions or understand their role.

Her workshops are designed to empower women with knowledge, tools and strategies to enable them to establish healthy boundaries and relationships with both themselves and others, to regain their self esteem and find their inner strength.

Her system and approach allows women to understand their role, the reasons they ended up here and gives them the tools and strategies to enable healthier relationships and outcomes.

Private clients and women attending the workshops often contact her afterwards excited about the positive changes they are now experiencing in their life from the learnings and strategies they have put in action.

Jacinta’s goal is to help and inspire and enable women, to move from victim to “survive and thrive”.

Book a free, no obligation call, with someone who understands where you are at and let's discuss how together, we can plan your way forward.

Dear Jacinta,

Thanks for a great workshop- nothing at all like what I expected, but got so much more out of it than I thought I would!! Keen to be part of the next one.

Have already had great opportunities to observe- and will keep practicing!

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