Nutritional medicine provides a natural path to wellness.

Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness, women's health issues or have a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum... I can help!

Utilising food as medicine, together with your body's natural ability to heal, I support you on your path to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Nutritional Medicine focuses on the whole person not just the isolated set of symptoms. I spend time with you, listening to your history and looking for interactions between your genetic tendencies, dietary habits environmental and lifestyle factors that influence your long-term health and chronic diseases.

I focus on nutrition and structural health as well as emotional health to ensure you are being treated holistically and not just being "patched up".

Jacinta Callaghan

Nutritional Doctor

B.HSc.(Nutritional Medicine)

Certified EFT Practitioner

My clinic is located on the Gold Coast and for your convenience I also offer appointments ​at W.I.N. Health Coach Clinic in Stafford.

Treating your health condition… How do you choose which therapy/modality is going to get you the best outcome?

We all have our belief systems and rule books, so our choice when it comes to our health professionals is going to be dependent on this.

Research shows that even when it comes to cancer the best outcomes are found in those that have a good positive mental attitude, have confidence in their health professionals and those that have the support of their family and friends in relation to their treatment.

So it becomes a very personal choice, what may be right for one, may not be for another. I would like to say that Nutritional Medicine is always the way to go, however, with this in mind it is best for you to take time and make sure that whatever decision you make is an informed one and one that sits well with you.  I would say do not be rushed into making a decision, nor, feel that you are being forced/bullied into choosing one that suits someone else.

In addition to nutritional medicine, I am also a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and utilise this modality to support you in releasing emotional trauma that may be impacting your health.

Why then would you choose Nutritional Medicine?

What is it that we do?  Why would you choose to see a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner? How is it different from other options, such as a GP, Dietician or other Western medicine practitioner?

It has been pointed out to me quite a bit of late that the title “Nutritional Medicine Practitioner” or “Nutritionist” does not in fact give an accurate image as to what it is we do… whilst this is very true we can put that down to regulations as to what we are allowed to call ourselves. We are in fact, Nutritional Doctors that focus on getting to the bottom of your illness and putting in place corrective actions to ensure that your health and well-being are where they should be, to allow you to live the life you want.

Being the last resort in health outcomes is usually the time new clients make a booking to see me, and I don’t mind. Once you are at the end of your rope, the only way to go is back up, and that is what I provide my clients. So often I hear, “I wish I’d come to see you first.”

I value what you have to say and therefore listen and work WITH you to develop a program that fine tunes your body's natural health in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. For further explanation of the process involved in working with me please click here.

Whether you want to find out how to provide your body with the right nutrition to maintain good health or you have an ongoing illness you need treatment for, please feel free to contact me at anytime to find out how I can help you to regain and maintain good health.



Painful and irregular periods




Healthy pregnancy

Hormone imbalances

Thyroid dysfunction

Adrenal fatigue/insufficiency

Insulin resistance




Asperger's Syndrome





Seasonal Mood Disorder


Bipolar Disorder



Digestive disorders

Food sensitivities/allergies



Lowered Immune System

Chronic Fatigue

Recurrent infections

Thyroid Dysfunction

Auto-Immune disorders


"It is with great pride that I present the great transformation that I have been going through over the past 3 years thanks to a great friend and skilled nutritional practitioner named Jacinta Callaghan. She has been an inspiration and dear confidant in this journey from being an unwell person to one of vitality and mental alertness.

I am now into my second year of nutritional medicine and have seen not only in my life the benefit of nutritional medicine but what it has done for many people that I have known.

Jacinta is continuing to service the people of Ipswich in the relentless way she does. I am truly indebted to her hard work and dedication and hopefully one day I will be able to follow in her footsteps.

Thanks Jacinta from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply grateful for what you have done for me and what you have shown me."

... Lynda

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...

otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

- Buddha


"Jacinta, all I can say is that in the past year you have changed my life for the better twice so far. Once you worked out that I react adversely to dairy and again when I cut out sugar on your advice. Have not felt this good for almost 20 years which is when the issues all began... Thank you! .." - MT


Is a Nutritional Doctor the same as a GP?

Why do you use the title "Nutritional Doctor"?

Is nutritional medicine just a diet?

Where is your clinic located?

Can I claim your consultation fees on my health fund or Medicare?

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