​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

Initial Consultation

Time required: 2 hours Investment: $240

Follow Up Consultation

Time required: 30 minutes – 1 hour Investment: $80-$125

Practitioner Consultation

by arrangement ….. Allergy and Pathology Diagnostic Analysis


"The best thing we did was go see Jacinta at Optimum Health in Ipswich..  it may seem a lot for the consult but its cheap compared to medication all the time.. she was fantastic helping me adjust.. Offering substitutes and support along the way.. I haven't eaten dairy since October and I haven't seen the doctor since, haven't been sick and have never felt better ever!!!!..." - AR


​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

The session where you bring your blood tests to discuss if Nutritional Medicine is a good fit for your health and well-being.

This fee is credited to the initial consultation if you decide to proceed.

Time required: 30 minutes Investment: $80


​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

Complete report analysis of your Medicare rebated Pathology results.

If you believe something is wrong and are being told everything is ok, then this is your option to have it thoroughly checked out….

Investment: $80-125 (dependent on volume)


​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

The most effective and accurate way to test for alcohol and drugs in employees both pre-employment and post-employment.

For full details of what is involved and how Hair Follicle Testing works - please click here.


​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

Bush Essence Consultation

Time required: 30 minutes

Investment: $71 including essence


​Practitioner:  Jacinta Callaghan

Iridology Consultation

Time required: 30 minutes Investment: $80


​Practitioner:  Graham Shannon

Hypnotherapy Consultation

Stop smoking, Lose weight, Become great public speakers, Overcome anxiety and stress...and more


"Under health cover or not.. It's still worth it.. Have a chat with Jacinta. I used to be sick with the flu, sick in the stomach and headaches every month.. Now I am 4 months and no sickness at all.. I am loving the food I make and love discovering new recipes plus super foods like coconut oil.. I love all the extra energy I have too!! Jacinta is the best!" …. PL