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Living and breathing her passion for Nutrition, Jacinta has become the leading Clinical Nutritionist in the region, supporting women, men and children to realise what it feels like to be in optimum health.

Providing nutritional advice to manage health conditions and optimize health, Jacinta thrives on helping others realise that they don’t have to feel sick or stressed anymore.

In conjunction with treating individual clients and in line with her philosophy of educating for better health, Jacinta is also a key speaker on many health topics within the region.

Another of her passions is mentoring and tutoring students as well as working as a consultant to other health professionals. Writing her health blog keeps patients and others up to date on recent health topics and helps the lay person understand the background and underlying causes for their conditions. Jacinta’s ebook on eating “Gluten and Dairy free” titled “When No Means Yes” is a valuable resource for those newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

Jacinta began supporting patients in 2009 after completing her studies in Nutritional Medicine. Her awareness of how nutrition can and will support you back to health when symptoms and clinical results are combined to make an educated diagnosis.

All her clients are given a thorough health assessment which incorporates: dietary habits, lifestyle, stress management and current medical needs.

Nutritional Medicine is not just about treating ill health. It helps clients to gain and maintain optimum health by understanding the origins, prevention and treatment of complex chronic diseases. Jacinta believes that health should be treated as a positive vitality and not just the absence of disease.

Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional Medicine),

Lecturer … Nutritional Medicine, Australasian College of Natural Therapies (Brisbane)

Registered Practitioner MINDD Foundation

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